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Rental car Northern-Norway: Rent a car cheaply in Nord-Norge

Norway is a country that serves its visitors’ many facilities and sights. With a rental car, you can easily explore the different activities Norway provides. You will experience the advantages of a rental car as the sights are not close together and sometimes can only be reached by car. Further, with hiring a car you will be independent and flexible of public transport and touristic groups.

Explore the northernmost point of Europe

Far above the Arctic Circle, the North Cape offers arctic adventures like dog sledging in the winter and months of never-ending sunlight in the summer. With your rental car, you can explore a place called Nordkapp – the North Cape. Its where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic Ocean. If you plan to travel between the middle of May and the end of July, you will experience that the summer sun does not set throughout the day. Many visitors also enjoy the midnight sun or the sunset over the Barents Sea from the North Cape Plateau, which can be reached with your rental car from your accommodation.  

Is Comprehensive insurance without excess worth it?

It doesn't matter whether you want to rent a small car, limousine or SUV during your stay in Northern Norway. With our online Driveboo comparison service, you will be able to find the best offers for various car rental deals at low prices. We recommend booking good insurance, as the streets in Northern Norway are not the best and especially in the winter you will find a lot of snow and ice, which does not make it easier to drive. Therefore, especially in the winter months, we advocate renting an SUV. A second driver is always a good option to have, as the distances between the sights are long and sometimes very challenging for only one driver. In case it comes to an accident, you won’t have any additional costs with our fully comprehensive insurance policy without a deductible. Book via our online portal and receive suitable offers for your trip.

Which sights can I visit in Northern Norway?

  • North Cape
  • Oslo
  • Tromsø 
  • Bodø
  • Svolvær
  • Honningsvåg
  • Skervøy

You can explore the different cities in Northern Norway with your rental car. A visit to Tromsø is highly recommended, you can book a trip to chase the Northern Lights a Huskey Sledding ride. Another destination is near the city of Skervøy, where you can hire a whale and seabird safari. 

Where can I pick up or return the car?

Driveboo offers one-way car rentals. This means that you can pick up your hired car at one location but return it to another location. For example, you may pick up the rental car at Tromsø airport, need it for a few days, but then continue your journey by car to Alta. If your journey ends in Alta, you can return the car at the airport rental station.

When hiring a rental car, a deposit is required

Deposits are always paid when you pick up the rental car, for example at Tromsø airport. After returning the car to the rental station, the deposit will be immediately refunded. If you have chosen the option of hiring the car with comprehensive insurance without any excess; and there is some damage found on the car, for example, due to a small rear-end collision, you will still get the full deposit refunded. With this sort of insurance, it does not matter if you have to pay the deposit. We recommend, renting a car with high insurance is cheaper than paying the costs in case of an accident and not getting the full deposit refunded.  

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Frequently asked questions about booking a rental car Northern Norway

Can I rent a car in Northern Norway without a credit card?
No, in Northern Norway it is not possible to book a rental car without a credit card.
Until when can I return a rental car {in Northern Norway?
In principle, you can return the rental car at any time of the day. It is only important that you return the rental car no later than the time specified at the time of booking.
Do I have to take additional insurance in Northern Norway?
If you book fully comprehensive insurance without a deductible, you do not have to take out additional insurance on-site.
How long do I have to cancel a rental car?
You have up to 24 hours before rental time to cancel.

Questions about the price

What does a rental car cost in Northern Norway?
A rental car in Northern Norway costs on the average 54.48 $ per day.
What does a rental car in Northern Norway cost per week?
A rental car in Northern Norway costs on average 381.38 $ per week 54.48 $ per day).
How much does a rental car in Northern Norway cost for one month?
A rental car in Northern Norway costs on average 1,634.48 $ for one month (54.48 $ per day).
Which rental car provider is the cheapest in Northern Norway?
Holiday Autos is in Northern Norway the cheapest. A rental costs 217.93 $ for 4 days.
What does a small rental car cost in Northern Norway?
A small rental car costs in Northern Norway 54.48 $ per day.
What does a middle-class rental car cost in Northern Norway?
A middle-class rental car costs in Northern Norway 75.61 $ per day.
How high is the deposit for a rental car in Northern Norway?
In Northern Norway the deposit amounts begin at 322.35 $.
How high is the liability sum in Northern Norway?
Each rental car is insured at least with the legal liability sum. In Northern Norway there are 4 provider with a liability sum greater than 7.5 million euros.
How high is the fee for young drivers in Northern Norway?
Drivers under the age of 26 often pay a fee. This deviates strongly from the individual offers. We always show you the price including all fees.
How much does it cost to cancel a rental car?
Up to 24 hours prior to rental, cancellation costs nothing.

Questions about car rental providers

Which car rental providers are at the Northern Norway?
At the Northern Norway there are 11 Supplier: e.g. BSP Auto, CarDelMar, Avis, Tui Cars, Sunny Cars