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Tromso by Rental Car

Tromso is the shining star of Norway. The city is the best place in the world if you want the best seat in the house to watch the Northern Lights. Most of you might think that the Northern Lights are the only reason why people bother to visit the city. Well, you’re wrong. Other than the Lights, the city has great places and festivals to offer that might just be able to give the Northern Lights a run for their money. Although the glorious celestial show might be a sight to see, there are other places that might match the splendour of the spectacle. So, that was fun little science lesson (without any scientific facts), we’re actually here to tell future tourists how they can traverse through Norway with the least difficulty. We’ll educate you about everything – How you can hire a rental car to which events you should schedule your visit with. This might be a page on a rental service site, but it will act as a travel guide and we hope it goes a long way in making your vacation easier.

Where can I find rental services in Tromso?

Tromso doesn’t have rental services as close to the airport as you might like. Most people would prefer the rental cars to be available at a walking distance from the airport, but the ones in Tromso aren’t so close. You’d probably have to grab a taxi to get there. The closest rent a car is 7.6 kilometres away and it would take you about 10 minutes to get there. A slight inconvenience, but we promise that the amazing rental cars available there will more than make up to you. Oh, and one more thing, rental cars in Tromso are usually running on manual gears. If you can’t drive stick or don’t want to, you have to specify that you’re looking for an automatic shift. Otherwise, you might get stuck with a car you can’t drive.

In order to ensure that you don’t get our rental vehicle impounded, we’ll inform you about certain speeding laws that might save you a ticket in the near future.

Speeding Laws in Tromso

First off, all of the fines by the Norwegian police have to be paid on the spot. They won’t just hand you the ticket and ask you to pay it at your earliest convenience.  Instead, they’ll hand you a ticket in one hand and ask for the fine from the other – A pretty straightforward procedure, to be honest.

Another thing to note is that Norwegian drivers aren’t exactly allowed to be the fastest in the world. A list of the allowed speed in miles per hour in Norway is given below:

Areas Permitted Speed
Motorways 55 mph
Highways 60 mph
Residential 20 mph
All Other Roads 50 mph


Level of Alcohol Allowed

According to the law of Norway, alcohol level of 0.02% is allowed in your blood. Anything above that will be subject to penalties. The process of the Norway police is pretty simple. They’ll take a breath test and if you fail, you will then need to take a blood test. If you fail in that too, then you’ll have to face the consequences of drinking and driving in our rental cars.

Places to Visit in Tromso

As we said, the Northern Lights aren’t the only things that deserve your attention in Tromso. There are numerous man made places that really strengthen the beauty of the city and add to its grandeur. There are over two dozen places you could visit. To simplify it a little bit, we’ll list five of the best places that the city has to offer tourist. We bet that you don’t want to miss them and you should definitely put them on your to-do list.

Places Distance from the Airport Travelling Time
Polaria 4.9 kilometres 9 minutes
Polar Museum 4 kilometres 7 minutes
Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum 5.2 kilometres 12 minutes
Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden 5 kilometres 10 minutes
Folkeparken 6.5 kilometres 12 minutes


Festivals to Look For in Tromso

Tromso is a place filled with wondrous festivals and events 12 months of the year. You could pretty much come at any time of the year and you’ll see that the calendar of Tromso has more than you could possibly handle. So, keep yourself busy with a city that likes to party all year long (and use our rental cars to make sure you’re always on time and arriving in style)

  • Organ Recital
  • Midnight Sun Concert
  • Midnight Sun Marathon
  • RakettNatt Music Festival

Emergency Numbers

If you’re a frequent traveller, you know how important it is to know a lot about the emergency numbers of a country before you get to it. That’s why. To ensure that the customers of our rental services know who to call in case of an emergency, we’ll list out all the important emergency numbers in Tromso, Norway.

Services Numbers
Police 112
Ambulance 113
Fire 110
Accidents 116/117

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