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e.g. Mitsubishi Mirage or the like
Mitsubishi Mirage
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Mitsubishi Mirage
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Toyota Yaris Sedan
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Ford Mustang
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Wild Card
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Dive into the highlights of Los Angeles with a rental car

The lively metropolis of Los Angeles, perhaps more commonly referred to by its initials LA, is the USA’s second most populous city. For decades, this cultural centre of California has been associated with the entertainment and film industry. Hollywood long ago became a natural magnet for performers coming to Los Angeles from all over the States.

Los Angeles is a very diverse city when it comes to tourist attractions. It offers magnificent shopping venues, intriguing art galleries, and fine dining spots. Those who seek a relaxing stay will love the opportunity to visit LA’s hot beaches and explore the surrounding countryside. Families with children will also find Los Angeles very entertaining with such attractions as Universal Studios and Disneyland.

Dive into the highlights of Los Angeles with Driveboo—check the offers of all local car rental companies and book your rental car in Los Angeles online in next to no time.

What is the best time to travel to Los Angeles?

The best time to visit the popular City of Angels is from March to May, but September to November is another good choice. Average temperatures during those two periods range from 16 to 25 degrees Celsius. The temperature is more bearable during those months and the city is a little less crowded.

Find your rental car for a voyage around Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers an extensive choice of car rental companies all over the city. The car rental offering in the city leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. However, the most convenient way to equip yourself with your dream vehicle is renting a car at the airport. Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is situated 19.6 miles (31.5 km) from the city centre. Many travellers also choose to arrive at Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) located 16.2 miles (26 km) from L.A.

Do I need an international driver's license to hire a car in Los Angeles?

Fortunately, the US has entered into an agreement with most EU countries. This guarantees that your national driver's license is enough to move around Los Angeles in a rental car. Nonetheless, numerous car rental companies require their clients to present an international driver's license, so it is better to apply far ahead of your trip in order to avoid any obstacles if you encounter a delay.

Speed limits in Los Angeles

Speed limits in Los Angeles are posted on road signs in miles per hour (mph). On multilane freeways, the speed limit is 65 mph (105 km/h). When it comes to two-lane highways, the speed limit is 55 mph (90 km/h). The speed limit that you need to observe on city streets is usually 35 mph (55 km/h). However, it is important to remember that residential areas and areas around schools have different speed limits—these are usually 25 mph (40 km/h).

Additional information concerning driving in Los Angeles

  • Californian law forbids writing, sending, and reading text messages while driving. However, drivers are allowed to use hands-free devices while talking on the phone.
  • In California, carpool lanes can be identified by the special diamond-shaped pattern painted on the road. In addition, there is always a black-and-white sign detailing when you are allowed to use these lanes (usually on weekdays during rush hours). However, remember that there must be at least two people (including the person driving the vehicle) in the car. Using the lane when you do not have the required number of passengers will result in high fines of up to $ 400. Carpool lanes in California possess specific entry and exit zones that have to be observed as well.
  • In order to report an accident or get help, you should call 911.
  • The driver and any passengers are required to wear seatbelts.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most serious offences in the state of California. The blood alcohol limit is 0.08%.

Driving a rental car behind a school bus

When you’re driving in the US and see one of the famous yellow school buses in front of you, you must stop for as long as the driver has the stop sign out. Passing by, even at a slower pace, is not allowed and is punishable with large fines.

Where can I go in Los Angeles with my rental car?

Being one of the most popular destinations in California, Los Angeles offers endless attractions for all types of tourists. Whether you are searching for a peaceful stay or a holiday full of entertainment, you shouldn’t miss the following attractions:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood – a treasure trove of breathtaking rides based on various film themes. The studio offers a wide selection of guided tours, during which you will have the opportunity to get an insight into the movie production process.
  • Disneyland Resort – an ideal choice for families with children. It offers fantastic rides and complex theme sets, where children can forget about the outside world.
  • Hollywood – one of the many suburbs of Los Angeles. Hollywood is closely associated with the flair of film industry. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to see attractions such as the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Boulevard, the Chinese Theatre, and the Walk of Fame.
  • Natural History Museum – this is a must-see venue for history lovers. It offers multiple interesting exhibitions, art galleries, and halls full of dinosaur skeletons. Inside, you will find a series of Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils. The exhibition features skeletons that range from baby dinosaurs to a full-scale Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Explore the most beautiful destinations around Los Angeles with a rental car

Leave the city limits and explore the region around Los Angeles. A rental car will grant you the freedom to go exploring in whichever direction you want. You can start with the beautiful pristine beaches and Mediterranean-like climate of the coastline, which will allow you to feel an endless summer on your skin.

You can also visit the idyllic Long Beach, where you will find some relief from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Santa Barbara, also referred to as the American Riviera, is another spot for those who enjoy long hours spent in the sun. The city offers a wide selection of tourist attractions ranging from extensive gardens to interesting art galleries.

For those who are into old Hollywood glamour, Palm Springs is a must-see attraction. In the 1930s, it was a top winter resort visited by such great performers as Marlene Dietrich and Frank Sinatra.

Joshua National Park should be included on your holiday to-visit list if you are a lover of vast open spaces. The park was named after the interesting yucca trees that flourish within its limits. This natural gem offers a wide selection of outdoor activities suitable for those seeking an active vacation.

Those who aren’t fed up with the clamour of large metropolis should also consider a trip to San Francisco.

Destination Distance in km Distance in miles Time
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Santa Barbara 153 km 95 miles 2 h 1 min
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Frequently asked questions about booking a rental car Los Angeles

Can I rent a car in Los Angeles without a credit card?
No, in Los Angeles it is not possible to book a rental car without a credit card.
Until when can I return a rental car {in Los Angeles?
In principle, you can return the rental car at any time of the day. It is only important that you return the rental car no later than the time specified at the time of booking.
Do I have to take additional insurance in Los Angeles?
If you book fully comprehensive insurance without a deductible, you do not have to take out additional insurance on-site.
How long do I have to cancel a rental car?
You have up to 24 hours before rental time to cancel.

Questions about the price

What does a rental car cost in Los Angeles?
A rental car in Los Angeles costs on the average 29.13 $ per day.
What does a rental car in Los Angeles cost per week?
A rental car in Los Angeles costs on average 203.88 $ per week 29.13 $ per day).
How much does a rental car in Los Angeles cost for one month?
A rental car in Los Angeles costs on average 873.77 $ for one month (29.13 $ per day).
Which rental car provider is the cheapest in Los Angeles?
Auto Europe is in Los Angeles the cheapest. A rental costs 116.50 $ for 4 days.
What does a small rental car cost in Los Angeles?
A small rental car costs in Los Angeles 29.13 $ per day.
What does a middle-class rental car cost in Los Angeles?
A middle-class rental car costs in Los Angeles 30.13 $ per day.
How high is the deposit for a rental car in Los Angeles?
In Los Angeles the deposit amounts begin at 200.00 $.
How high is the liability sum in Los Angeles?
Each rental car is insured at least with the legal liability sum. In Los Angeles there are 1 provider with a liability sum greater than 7.5 million euros.
How high is the fee for young drivers in Los Angeles?
Drivers under the age of 26 often pay a fee. This deviates strongly from the individual offers. We always show you the price including all fees.
How much does it cost to cancel a rental car?
Up to 24 hours prior to rental, cancellation costs nothing.

Questions about car rental providers

Which car rental providers are at the Los Angeles?
At the Los Angeles there are 4 Supplier: CarDelMar, Avis, BSP Auto, Auto Europe