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Rental car without excess: Start your holiday stress-free!

You can hardly wait for the holiday with your friends and family: a road trip by rental car along the coast of Portugal or across Mallorca. You are looking forward to an exuberant atmosphere while driving in a cool convertible to various dream beaches where you can surf and relax. In no way do you think of possible damage to your rental car, let alone a rental car insurance policy. Fortunately, there is Our portal helps you compare car rental offers and book your dream car including the right insurance. In addition, it provides you with the best tips regarding a rental car without excess, or with reimbursement of the excess. In that way your trip is guaranteed  to happen without any major incidents. If, in spite of all safety precautions, a breakdown, accident or other damage should occur, you will always drive safely, untroubled and without additional costs with the fully comprehensive insurance without excess!

Don't forget to take out insurance

Don't forget to take out insurance

Overview of different insurances


Fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to your own rental car or theft of the vehicle. It also covers damage caused by the insured person's own fault or in his absence. In addition to fully comprehensive cover without excess, you can also choose fully comprehensive cover with excess. You can find out exactly how the two variants differ from each other in the explanations below.


Liability insurance is already included in all offers of It protects the driver against third parties. This includes personal injury, damage to property and damage to the other party's vehicle. If nothing is stated in the rental conditions regarding the coverage amount, the statutory coverage amount of the country in question shall apply. recommends a minimum coverage of 1 million Euro.


The passenger insurance applies to accidents in which one of the passengers is injured and wishes to assert claims against the driver.


Theft insurance is effective if the rental car is stolen. Personal belongings in the car are not covered. Fully comprehensive and theft insurance are included in the price of every rental car offer.

Protect yourself against theft

Protect yourself against theft

If you want to be on the safe side, then take out additional insurance for glass, tyre and underbody protection!

What is the difference between fully comprehensive insurance with and without excess?

The fully comprehensive insurance is included with every rental car. You can choose whether the excess shall be insured or not.

If you take out fully comprehensive insurance with excess, you have to pay the amount of the excess yourself in the event of damage. The deposit you paid to the car rental company often corresponds to the amount of the excess. In principle, you will find the amount of the excess in the rental conditions of the car rental, unless otherwise agreed.

In the case of fully comprehensive insurance without excess, you do not bear any additional costs in the event of damage. There are two variants:

Variants Characteristics
Completely without deductible In the event of damage you will not be charged anything. This means that the invoice will be paid directly by your insurance company.
Reimbursement of the deductible If the rental car is damaged, the deposit will be retained by the rental station. The deposit serves the car rental company as security for the vehicle provided by them. You will then be refunded the amount paid by your broker. This is because the fully comprehensive insurance without excess is not taken out with the car rental company, but with an independent broker. You must therefore contact your broker as the contractual partner. In summary, this means that in the event of damage you will have to pay for it in advance, but the money spent will be refunded afterwards by your broker.

In what cases does the fully comprehensive insurance not cover?

  • If a person, who is not agreed in the rental contract, is driving the rental car.
  • If the interior of the vehicle is damaged.
  • If you drive on unpaved roads.
  • If you are grossly negligent. Being gross negligent means disregarding reasonable care. This includes, for example, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, disregarding traffic rules or making telephone calls while driving.
  • For consequential costs resulting from an accident or breakdown, such as telephone calls.

What to do in the event of a breakdown or accident?

Nobody wants to be stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a rental car during a well-deserved holiday. However, if this should happen, you should consider a few important points:

  • Safety first: put on a safety vest!
  • Keep calm, park your car on the side of the road and set up a warning triangle.
  • Contact the breakdown service. You will find the telephone number in your rental documents, on a sticker in the car or in the vehicle documents.
  • Only seek professional assistance. Otherwise your insurance cover may no longer apply.
  • You will receive a replacement vehicle from your rental station.
What to do in the event of an accident?

What to do in the event of an accident?

If you are involved in an accident with your rental car, contact your local provider immediately. You should also contact the local police and request an accident report. If you return the rental car to the car rental company, you should ask for a damage report and an invoice. Most importantly, keep all documents in a safe place for later procedure so you won't have any problems with your insurance.

How shall I proceed afterwards?

If you paid in advance at the car rental company for damage to your rental car, it is best to contact your broker immediately after you return home. Send the following documents as soon as possible to him:

  • Return protocol with documentation of the damage
  • proof of payment
  • Damage report (with signature of car rental)
  • Copy of the rental agreement
  • Calculation of the potential damage amount

The reimbursement of the money, of which you will normally be informed by e-mail, will then take place within a few weeks.

If possible, find out about the deadlines for submitting the documents. As a rule, these are four weeks.

Rental car without excess: Takeaways for you

  • Check exactly what is covered by the insurance.
  • When you pick up your rental car, check it for any damage, such as scratches or dents, and have these noted in the handover protocol.
  • If damage occurs, have the damage recorded in the return protocol and take the protocol with you.
  • Display the amount of the damage on site and take the receipt with you.
  • Find out about the deadlines within which you must contact your broker with the relevant documents. The deadline is usually four weeks.
  • Further information can be found on
Check the rental car in advance for possible damage.

Check the rental car in advance for possible damage.

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