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Current offers at the San Diego Airport

e.g. Kia Rio or the like
Kia Rio
from 36 $/day
  • All-round carefree package
Chevrolet Spark
from 45 $/day
  • Directly available
Kia Rio
from 36 $/day
  • Without excess
Kia Rio
from 36 $/day
e.g. Toyota Yaris Sedan or the like
Toyota Yaris Sedan
from 36 $/day
  • All-round carefree package
Nissan Versa
from 47 $/day
  • Directly available
Toyota Yaris Sedan
from 36 $/day
  • Without excess
Toyota Yaris Sedan
from 36 $/day
Further vehicle classes
e.g. Volkswagen Jetta or the like
Volkswagen Jetta
from 37 $/day
Station Wagon / Minivan
e.g. Mercedes Vito or the like
Mercedes Vito
from 69 $/day
7 seater
e.g. GMC Acadia or the like
GMC Acadia
from 51 $/day
9 seater
e.g. Ford Transit 12 passenger or the like
Ford Transit 12 passenger
from 56 $/day
Off-road vehicle (SUV)
e.g. Mini Countryman or the like
Mini Countryman
from 37 $/day
e.g. Ford Mustang Convertible or the like
Ford Mustang Convertible
from 44 $/day
Luxury Car
e.g. Wild Card or the like
Wild Card
from 28 $/day

Car Rental at San Diego Airport - SAN

Take the liberty and enjoy the independence to explore the USA on your own with a rental car from San Diego SAN Airport. With our online price comparison you can easily and quickly compare every car rental offer and find the cheapest rental car - directly at the airport. Use this opportunity to find the best deal for your rental car. With a rental car you don't only drive cheap, but also free and independent.

With a rental car through California

California, the Golden State, as it is affectionately called by the Americans, is one of the most popular states for many holidaymakers to travel to the USA. This is certainly due to metropolises such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. But San Diego is also becoming more and more important. The second largest city in California is just over half an hour's drive from the Mexican border. The picturesque coastline and endless sandy beaches inspire holidaymakers and locals alike. In recent years, San Diego itself has increasingly developed into a centre of science and culture. There are many good reasons to explore this city by rental car or motorcycle.

Information on the International Airport of San Diego

No other airport in the USA is historically more exciting than San Diego's International Airport. In 1927, the famous Charles Lindbergh took off from here for his first flight to New York, followed by the first single transatlantic flight. Even today, the airport is still known as Lindbergh Field in honour of the famous pilot. In 1928, the airport was recognized as the first state airport to handle all classes of aircraft. You will find all the amenities that a modern airport should offer at SAN International Airport. Free WIFI, gastronomy and lots of boutiques and shops. If you spend a little more time at SAN International Airport, Terminal 2 offers a lot more than Terminal 1. In Terminal 2 you will even find a spa area, boutiques, duty free and even a branch of the oldest bookstore in San Diego: Warwick's of La Jolla. A stay at SAN Airport is guaranteed not to be boring.

What are the special features at San Diego Airport?

With only one runway, SAN International Airport is truly unique. From a global perspective, this airport handles the second highest number of passengers in the world. Approximately 20.7 million passengers check in and out here every year on average. This figure is only surpassed by London Gatwick Airport. Two terminals are available for passengers at the airport, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, while Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 offer a comprehensive range of services. Another special feature is art. Art is exhibited regularly and everywhere on the grounds. It is primarily concerned with light and forms. It is supposed to inspire the passengers and, if you will pardon my saying so, it works very well.

Car Rental at San Diego International Airport

It's easier to find the car hire company here than you thought! Just get on one of the shuttle buses and you will be taken directly to the San Diego car rental and pick-up point for your rental car in San Diego. Car rental at the airport is located for all providers in a separate building, the Rental Car Center. You can rent the car cheaply with and the local car rental service will provide you with the desired car for hire.

The pick-up station is also directly connected to the center. Don't take too long to rent. Many holidaymakers have in mind to rent a car cheaply. The offer on our portal will of course help you to find the car rental service that suits your needs. Whether you want to drive with an SUV, a convertible or a mid-range car is up to you. When renting a car in the USA, remember that you will be provided with a car according to American standards. It is in any case cheap to rent, because you can arrange the renting directly before the journey and find by comparison the offer, which is not only favorable, but promising for you.

Pick-up station for the rental car at San Diego Airport

If you would like to rent a car with, you will find the pick-up point directly at the car rental service. The pick-up station for the rental car is located directly at the Rental Car Center. This can be reached quickly and cheaply by shuttle. The buses run regularly to the car rental and there are no further waiting times.

Refueling with a Rental Car at San Diego Airport

Petrol station Distance from San Diego Airport
Clean Energy 0.6 miles
ARCO 4 miles

Around San Diego Airport you will find a variety of other filling stations. All of them are located in the immediate vicinity of the car rental collection point. Before renting a car, you can find out where there are other petrol stations. If your holiday in California is coming to an end and you want to return your rental car to the pick-up point, you will often have to refuel your car. Make sure that you select this option when selecting the offer.

Traffic connections at San Diego California Airport

Since you decide to rent a car at a reasonable price, you don't have to rely on public transport. A shuttle will take you directly to the car rental. From there it's a stone's throw to the big Pacific Highway. This is considered the artery and connects many other roads from which you can go on a sightseeing tour with your rental car.

Rent a car and see excursions around San Diego

There is really no better way to explore the country, its people and the most beautiful sights than by renting a car. If you can rent your car at a reasonable price, you will save a lot of money and can better invest it elsewhere. After all, renting a cheap car at a car rental company has never been more easy. Let's take a look at all the sights this beautiful city in California has to offer.

Drive to Balboa Park with your cheap rental Car

One of the most beautiful and largest parks in California is Balboa Park. Picturesque gardens with rose bushes, palms and buildings in the Spanish baroque style characterize the breathtaking atmosphere. On an area of over 5 km², Balboa Park is not only home to green spaces, but also numerous museums. San Diego has one of the largest number of museums in the United States. The real highlight is the integrated zoo, which with over 4,700 animals is one of the most beautiful and largest of all.

Explore San Diego: other places to visit by rental car

  • The botanical garden of San Diego
  • The Lighthouse Point Loma
  • La Jolla Cove
  • Tijuana in Mexico
  • The Aerospace Museum

USS Midway - museum ship at the Navy Pier

Immerse yourself in American history and visit the museum ship Midway. Exhibits include aircraft from the old days. In addition, there are always veterans available who report about their past with a lot of passion. Machines and technology from old times that simply fascinate away.

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Would you like to get a taste of Mexican flair, to nibble some tacos and stroll around? Then this tourist mile is a recommendation to you. A small park with typical buildings and many small bars. The proximity to Mexico cannot be denied here.

The beaches of San Diego

You will experience pure relaxation and water sports on the many beaches at the gates of the city. Put the rental car down quietly once and let the soul dangle. The soft sandy beach invites you to long walks. The low season is recommended for relaxation and recreation. Those who really want to experience a lot of things are better off in the high season. Especially water sports enthusiasts will get their money's worth. Also fans of sea seals, because they like to be seen here again and again. The beaches are always worth a visit and if you only want to end a wonderful day there.

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Frequently asked questions about booking a rental car San Diego Airport

Can I rent a car at the San Diego Airport without a credit card?
No, at the San Diego Airport it is not possible to book a rental car without a credit card.
Until when can I return a rental car {at the San Diego Airport?
In principle, you can return the rental car at any time of the day. It is only important that you return the rental car no later than the time specified at the time of booking.
Do I have to take additional insurance at the San Diego Airport?
If you book fully comprehensive insurance without a deductible, you do not have to take out additional insurance on-site.
How long do I have to cancel a rental car?
You have up to 24 hours before rental time to cancel.

Questions about the price

What does a rental car cost at the San Diego Airport?
A rental car at the San Diego Airport costs on the average 31.07 $ per day.
What does a rental car at the San Diego Airport cost per week?
A rental car at the San Diego Airport costs on average 217.51 $ per week 31.07 $ per day).
How much does a rental car at the San Diego Airport cost for one month?
A rental car at the San Diego Airport costs on average 932.19 $ for one month (31.07 $ per day).
Which rental car provider is the cheapest at the San Diego Airport?
Auto Europe is at the San Diego Airport the cheapest. A rental costs 124.29 $ for 4 days.
What does a small rental car cost at the San Diego Airport?
A small rental car costs at the San Diego Airport 31.07 $ per day.
What does a middle-class rental car cost at the San Diego Airport?
A middle-class rental car costs at the San Diego Airport 34.18 $ per day.
How high is the deposit for a rental car at the San Diego Airport?
At the San Diego Airport the deposit amounts begin at 201.00 $.
How high is the liability sum at the San Diego Airport?
Each rental car is insured at least with the legal liability sum. At the San Diego Airport there are 3 provider with a liability sum greater than 7.5 million euros.
How high is the fee for young drivers at the San Diego Airport?
Drivers under the age of 26 often pay a fee. This deviates strongly from the individual offers. We always show you the price including all fees.
How much does it cost to cancel a rental car?
Up to 24 hours prior to rental, cancellation costs nothing.

Questions about car rental providers

Which car rental providers are at the San Diego Airport?
At the San Diego Airport there are 8 Supplier: e.g. Holiday Autos, CarDelMar, Avis,, Cars & Camper