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Car rental in Livorno

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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

To cancel, simply let our service team know within our opening hours.

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Rent a Car in Livorno

Livorno is a provincial capital in Tuscany, located on the Tyrrhenian Sea and easy to explore by rental car. Livorno, located south of the Arno estuary, has one of the largest seaports in Italy and a history dating back to Roman times. Among others, Pope Giulio de' Medici owes the city of Livorno impressive buildings, which still encourage many tourists to visit. However, Livorno does not have an international airport.

You are therefore arriving from Germany at Airport Galileo Galilei (IATA Code PSA) at Pisa. The airport is 26 km from Livorno and the distance is very comfortable with a rental car in 25 minutes. In the terminal you will find every car rental of importance, but in view of the large crowds you should rent cheaply before your flight to Italy. With a booking made on our portal, the rental car awaits you as desired at the corresponding car rental company. The formalities are quickly completed and the journey to Livorno can begin. In the further course of this article we present some touristic highlights.

To the center of Livorno by Rental Car

Via Grande, an arcaded shopping street, runs through the old town surrounded by a moat. Historical buildings can be visited in the Venezia Nuova district, within walking distance. The Cathedral of Livorno awaits your visit in Piazza Grande. From the big square you could walk to the beach promenade Viale Italia and visit stylish houses from the "Belle Epoche".

To the large fortifications of Livorno by Rental Car

Not far from the old Medici port awaits you the Fortezza Vecchia, an 11th century fortress. Here take place after extensive renovation cultural events and concerts. Fortezza Nuova from the 16th century contains an extensive park where you can find relaxation.

Discover something worth seeing by Car in Livorno

The landmark of Livorno is the Monumento ai quattro Mori, a monument with a statue of Grand Duke Ferdinand I made of stone and four moors made of bronze. The Florentines built the octagonal Torre del Marzocco near the port in the 15th century as a sign of their power. The centrally located 19th century Mercato Centrale is also worth a visit. On Terrazza Mascagni you have a optimal view of the waterfront and large parts of Livorno.

Participate in the cultural life of the port city The summer months are very varied with numerous district festivals, sporting events and outdoor concerts . Ask the car rental company at Pisa International Airport for details and forgo your rental car when you visit. In view of the large number of visitors, there is little prospect of a secure car park.

Rent a Car in Livorno or at Pisa airport

The international airport of Pisa is frequented by many tourists in the high season. Every car rental company therefore has very limited offers and the remaining rental cars are rarely really cheap due to the high demand. Without stress and with little time expenditure you rent however on our comparison portal. We show you the offers of every car rental company represented at Pisa Airport . You book a tailor-made car with us at a reasonable price and with all desired services as well as practical accessories. Click here to find out what you need to bear in mind when booking a rental car.

Car Rental Livorno - traffic rules in Italy

Traffic rules in Italy are largely the same as here, but violations are more expensive for the local police. To ensure that your stay with the rental car remains cheap until the last minute, please observe the following rules:

  • Blood alcohol limit is 0.5 per mill when driving a car.
  • Use buckles and mobile phone only with hands-free kit.
  • Activate dipped beam also during the day.
  • Don't let the locals tempt you into speeding.
Road category highest speed
Inner cities 50 km/h
Out of town 90 km/h
Highways 110 km/h
Motorways 130 km/h

Select premium insurance for every Rental Car in Livorno

Rent a car cheaply and include a full comprehensive insurance without excess gives your holiday in Italy the best possible security at a fixed price. The policy pays for the total loss in the event of an accident, while the less reasonably priced variant with a deductible allows you to share in the costs of the accident.

Car Rental Livorno - deposit with credit card

A valid credit card with sufficient credit limit is required when renting a car. The Vendor simply blocks the deposit amount on your card and releases it once the car rental return is complete. When renting on our portal you can see the amount of the deposit for your favourite car.

Additional driver to be included in the rental agreement

You can only arrange this formality with the car rental company at the airport near Livorno. It is extremely important because the insurance cover for every rental car only applies to people who are listed in the contract. If an unregistered driver causes an accident, you remain seated on the entire damage.

Come and explore Bella Italia with your rental car

For a longer trip to Italy, ideally choose one-way rental. You pick up the rental car at a designated airport and drop it off at another airport with the same car rental company. You can enter all relevant details when renting on our portal into the mask and drive inexpensively by the vacation country.

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