Car rental Turkish Riviera
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Car rental Turkish Riviera

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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

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In Turkish Riviera we recommend the following car rental offers

from 2 $ per day
Basic package

Good offers for a small budget

e.g. Fiat Linea
7 Days from 11.02 - 18.02.2025
Example vehicle
from 15 $ per day

Alone on the road or only with small luggage? Then this will be sufficient!

e.g. Opel/Vauxhall Corsa
7 Days from 11.02 - 18.02.2025
Example vehicle
from 6 $ per day
All-round carefree package

This way nothing can go wrong - carefree and all inclusive!

e.g. Fiat Linea
7 Days from 11.02 - 18.02.2025
Example vehicle

Stretching along the southwest coast of Turkey, the Turkish Riviera, also known as Turquoise Coast, is a treasure trove of cultural heritage, luxurious resorts, stunning beaches, and historical sites. Its spectacular landscape features crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and cosy villages, making it a delightful destination for all types of travellers.

Mobility & Vehicle Recommendations

With a vast area to explore, renting a car while staying in the Turkish Riviera can be extremely beneficial. Compact or economy class vehicles are perfect for navigating the streets of quaint towns while SUVs or larger vehicles are recommended for those planning to explore more remote areas. Always make sure to compare prices before booking.

Major Cities & Attractions

  • Antalya: Known as the gateway to the Turkish Riviera, this bustling city is home to a plethora of historical sites and a beautiful old town called Kaleiçi.
  • Bodrum: Bodrum's ancient ruins, lively nightlife, and stunning beaches attract hordes of tourists every year.
  • Marmaris: Famous for its bustling marina, Marmaris provides a perfect blend of natural beauty, historic charm, and modern amenities.
  • Patara Beach: Known as the longest beach in Turkey, Patara offers pristine sands and clear waters, perfect for a fun-filled day.
  • Aspendos Theatre: A marvel from the Roman era, it is one of the best-preserved ancient theatres in the world.

Driving Rules & Guidelines

Turkish driving rules generally follow international standards. Notably, driving is on the right-hand side, and seatbelts are compulsory for all passengers. Speed limits typically range from 50km/h in cities and towns to 90-120km/h on highways. Be aware that radar speed checks are common, and heavy fines can be imposed for speeding.

Vibrant Culture & Seasonal Events

The Turkish Riviera presents a vivid cultural scene with spectacular seasonal events. The summer months witness numerous music and dance festivals. Winter, on the other hand, is marked by New Year celebrations and the Camel Wrestling Festival in Selcuk. The local currency is the Turkish Lira (TL).

The Lay of the Land: Landscape & Climate

Luring with its diverse landscape of beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, and mountainous backdrops, the Turkish Riviera is a visual treat. The climate is Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The region enjoys over 300 sunny days a year, making it a fantastic year-round destination.

Brace yourself for an enchanting journey across the stunning Turkish Riviera, where a wealth of experiences await you. Drive, discover, and delve into a world of excitement!

Frequently asked questions about car rental booking Turkish Riviera

Which insurance is suitable for my trip to Antalya?

Rental car insurance

Carefree with the right insurance

To travel safely and relaxed in Turkey, we recommend a fully comprehensive insurance without deductible. This way you are always insured in case of an accident or damage to the vehicle.

Take out additional insurance

If you want to explore Antalya and the surrounding area off the paved roads, we also recommend taking out glass and tire protection insurance. In addition, we recommend roof and underbody insurance so that you are covered in case of minor damage.

What do I need to consider when booking a rental car in Turkey?


The traffic rules in Turkey are similar to those in other European countries. In Turkey there is a seatbelt obligation and the maximum blood alcohol limit is 0.5. In addition, there are speed limits that you should pay attention to. In towns, 50 km/h are allowed, while outside up to 90 km/h are allowed. On highways you can drive up to 120 km/h.

How much does a rental car cost in Antalya?

View over Antalya

Booking a rental car in Antalya is possible from 13 $ per week. With Driveboo you can find the best prices from the various car rental companies and find the best deal for your vacation in Turkey.

If you only need the rental car for one day, you can also book it from 2 $.

What rental car categories can I find in Antalya?

Car categories

If you are flying on vacation with your family, we recommend renting a family car. You can book it from 104 $ per week. 

In summer, we also recommend renting a convertible, as you can enjoy the summer to the fullest. A convertible can be booked from 1,400 $. 

Small cars are especially popular in Antalya. With a small car you can quickly and comfortably reach all destinations near Antalya. You can book a small car in Antalya from 104 $ per week.

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