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Car rental in Offenbach/Main

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Book in time without risk

You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

To cancel, simply let our service team know within our opening hours.

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In Offenbach/Main we recommend the following car rental offers

from 49 $ per day
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Good offers for a small budget

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from 53 $ per day
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Exploring Offenbach and the Main by rental car

Offenbach and its surroundings can be explored easily by rental car. Compare the offers of car rental companies for Offenbach on Driveboo and simply book your rental car online. The city is located right next to Frankfurt. You can visit Frankfurt by rental car without being dependent on public transportation. You are totally independent to go wherever you want to go. Make the most of your stay in Offenbach and book a cheap rental car on Driveboo!

How do I best reach the city Offenbach?

Offenbach is located right next to Frankfurt. The easiest way to reach Offenbach is either by train or by plane. If you arrive at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) you can pick up your rental car directly after your arrival. That way you won`t depend on public transportation. Just get in your rental car and drive the way to Offenbach by yourself. It will only take you about 20 minutes to reach the city centre. On Driveboo you have the choice between a variety of different car models. Whether you prefer a small car, an SUV or a convertible - you will find the perfect car that meets your wishes.

Rent a car Offenbach: The low emission zone

The entire urban area of Offenbach is an environmental protection zone and may only be used by vehicles with a green environmental sticker. All vehicles rented in Offenbach have a green environmental sticker. When collecting the vehicle, make sure that the sticker is attached to the windscreen (usually on the passenger's side).

Where in Offenbach am I allowed to park my rental car?

Usually parking your car in Offenbach will be charged on the main roads and in the city centre. There are some parking zones that are free of charge depending on the time of the day. Other parking spaces are reserved exclusively for residents. Don`t park your rental car in those areas. Employees of the public order office check several times a day whether you parked the car appropriately. In 2009 there were 127 tickets per 100 vehicles issued in Offenbach. By that Offenbach was number one in Germany concerning parking offences.

Do I need an insurance for my rental car in Offenbach?

In order to travel stress-free, you should always choose a "fully comprehensive without excess" insurance. In addition, a high liability coverage amount is important. The liability should cover at least a damage sum of one million euros. An unlimited amount of cover would even be better. If you pay with credit card, check whether car rental cover is already included in the basic benefits.

Important telephone numbers when driving in Offenbach with your rental car

Emergency situation Telephone number
Police 110
Ambulance/Fire Department 112
Roadside assistance 0 180 2 22 22 22 (ADAC)

When is the best time for a trip to Offenbach?

Offenbach is absolutely worth a visit! The city not only convinces by its architecture but also by the proximity to Frankfurt. In the summer months, a variety of outdoor events takes place. Offenbach has many extensive green spaces and parks ("Offenbach Green Belt"). The banks of the river Main are legendary. Especially the arch of the Main is a beautiful and species-rich floodplain landscape.

The winter months particularly invite for visits to museums.

Special events:

  • February/March: carnival
  • March and September: International Leather Goods Fair
  • March/April: Luminale (every two years)
  • April: Dance into May
  • End of April/Beginning of May: Art Views (every two years)
  • End of April/Beginning of May: Long Night of the Museums
  • May: Offenbach City Run
  • End of May/Beginning of June: Offenbach Week
  • June: Main shore festival
  • June: Dragon Boat Race
  • July: Cross Media Night
  • August: Festival of lights
  • August: Beer festival
  • First weekend in September: Children's party
  • September: Festival of young talents (every two years)
  • September: Jazz Matinee

Places of interest in Offenbach

  • Headquarters of the German Weather Service
  • German Leather Museum
  • Klingspor Museum with rare books and typography
  • House of City History
  • Capitol, as a theatre and concert hall
  • Open-air cinema (in summer)
  • Leather palace with art cinema
  • Excursion ships on the Main River

Excursions by rental car around Offenbach

As there are many pedestrians and cyclists in Offenbach, you should pay attention especially to the bicycle traffic. Therefore avoid the city centre and explore the beautiful surroundings of the district instead.

Place Distance Duration
Heusenstamm 6 km 10 minutes
Neu-Isenburg 10 km 15 minutes
Dietzenbach 12 km 20 minutes
Langen 18 km 20 minutes
Egelsbach 22 km 20 minutes
Seligenstadt 23 km 25 minutes

There is a vast selection of castles, palaces and other old buildings in Offenbach and its surroundings. By rental car you can experience the contrasts between city and country, but also between culture and modernity.

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