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Car rental in Helsinki

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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

To cancel, simply let our service team know within our opening hours.

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In Helsinki we recommend the following car rental offers

from 24 $ per day
Basic package

Good offers for a small budget

e.g. Volkswagen Polo
14 Days from 20.09 - 04.10.2024
Example vehicle
from 27 $ per day

Alone on the road or only with small luggage? Then this will be sufficient!

e.g. Kia Picanto
14 Days from 20.09 - 04.10.2024
Example vehicle
from 27 $ per day
All-round carefree package

This way nothing can go wrong - carefree and all inclusive!

e.g. Toyota Yaris
14 Days from 20.09 - 04.10.2024
Example vehicle

Rental car Helsinki: On the road in the far north

Unterwegs in Helsinki, Finnland

Discovering Helsinki in summer

Exploring Finland's capital Helsinki and the surrounding area by rental car is definitely an adventure. Especially Helsinki's city centre is a dream. Rent a rental car and see for yourself.  Helsinki with its 600.000 inhabitants is the capital of Finland and the economic, political and cultural centre of the country. Geographically Helsinki lies in the south of Finland at the Gulf of Finland, opposite the Estonian capital Tallinn.

Find a car rental company in Helsinki

Find good and cheap car rentals in Helsinki with Driveboo. Just compare the offers of different providers and book a cheap rental car in the capital of Finland. You can rent a car in Helsinki upon arrival at Helsinki Airport or in the city centre.

Driveboo tip:

If you want to be flexible in Helsinki from the very first minute, it is best to pick up your rental car right after your arrival at the airport. In this way you won't waste precious time waiting.

What are the traffic rules in Helsinki?

Straße in Helsinki, Finnland

Traffic in Helsinki

  • Right-hand traffic
  • Obligatory equipment: breakdown triangle, warning vest
  • Winter equipment: Winter tyres (obligatory from December to February)
  • Safety belts: obligatory on all seats
  • Driving lights: dipped headlights are mandatory day and night
  • Mobile phone: no mobile phone use while driving
This should be noted:

Drive particularly carefully in zones with wildlife crossing warning signs! Here moose or reindeer can cross the roads unexpectedly. The danger of a wildlife accident is higher than usual at dusk and at night, especially between May and October.

In the event of a wildlife accident, call the nearest police station on 112.

Road infrastructure in Finland - facts worth knowing

Exploring Finland by rental car is the easiest way to get to know the country. This way you can tailor your trip through Helsinki and the rest of Finland to your individual needs without being dependent on public transport timetables. You will also find a very well developed road network in Finland. There are more than 78,000 km of main roads and almost 740 km of motorway. Only from November to March smaller, sometimes unpaved roads in the north of Finland may not be passable and closed.

Driveboo tip:

By the way, there are no charges for road use!

The best travel time for Helsinki

Blick über Helsinki, Finnland

Summer in Helsinki

Helsinki is always worth a visit! Depending on your personal preferences and plans for Helsinki, different months are suitable for your holiday in the Finnish capital and its surroundings. Would you like to go for walks, shopping, picnics, ...?

In the following table you will find an overview of the respective months and what the weather will be like in Helsinki during this time.

Months Characteristics
March, April, May Winter in Helsinki is still strongly felt in March. The canals and lakes are frozen and there is snow everywhere. It can take until the middle of April until it gets warmer. In May you can look forward to tulips and daffodils. Spring in Helsinki is definitely worth a trip.
June, July, August Although it is often still cool and rainy in June, the Finns go to the coasts and lakes on warm days to swim. Look forward to a boat trip and enjoy the summer in Helsinki. In July you should not miss the midsummer festival. In June and July it hardly gets dark at night. Then you can spend a wonderful mild night.
September, October, November In September there are still temperatures over 20 degrees. But in the evening it gets much cooler. Look forward to colourful autumn leaves in bright colours. The days become much colder, shorter and rainier from October. Autumn brings a variety of berries and mushrooms, which you will find on the menus of the restaurants. Look forward to delicious dishes in Helsinki.
December, January, February From December onwards, the snow remains permanently in place. The real cold temperatures arrive in January and February with minus 8-10 degrees during the day and minus 20 degrees at night. The sun shines for a few hours a day. Often the snow on the roads is not cleared. So be particularly careful when driving your rental car.

What should I definitely not miss in Helsinki?

Uspenski Kathedrale in Helsinki, Finnland

View of Uspenski Cathedral

Blick auf die Helsinki Kathedrale, Finnland

Helsinki Cathedral

If you are travelling with your rental car, make sure you visit the city's two promenades, the Aleksanterinkatu and the Esplanadi. There is the Stockhaus, the largest department store in the Nordic countries. From the market square, take a boat trip to Suomenlinna Fortress, UNESCO World Heritage Site, or visit the Finnish National Theatre. Also a visit to Uspenski and Helsinki Cathedral is definitely worth a trip by rental car.

What you should do in Finland

Are you ready for an unforgettable holiday in Finland? Then you should add the following activities to your Bucket List:

  • Staying overnight in a glass igloo
  • Visiting a lighthouse island
  • Hiking through a national park
  • Riding a reindeer or husky sled
  • Marveling at the northern lights or the midnight sun
  • First taking a sauna, then jumping into the lake.
Glas-Iglus in Finnland

Staying in a glass igloo

Nationalpark in Finnland

Take a hike in a National Park

Huskyschlitten in Finnland

Husky sled

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