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Compare the prices of the car rental companies in Augsburg

The charming university town of Augsburg is located in the southwest of Bavaria, only about 80 kilometres from Munich. Augsburg has about 300,000 inhabitants and is the third largest city in Bavaria after Munich and Nuremberg. Augsburg can look back on a long and eventful history, the city area was already populated in Roman times. The name derives from "Augusta Vindelicorum", an army camp and later provincial capital, founded by the Roman Emperor Augustus. This shows that Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany. The city is accordingly rich in unique sights from several centuries, attractions and monuments. If you visit the city by rental car, you will find new and interesting things to discover everywhere. Augsburg is a large, independent city and is the seat of the district of Swabia and the seat of the administrative district of Swabia. The city can therefore be regarded unofficially as the Swabian capital. Driveboo collaborates with all major car hire companies in the city. You can easily rent a car in Augsburg trough our website. 

Augsburg - Old city with a long tradition

At the end of the Middle Ages, a man was born in Augsburg who was to play a decisive role in the fate of the city: Jakob Fugger. He came from a merchant family and expanded the empire to such an extent that his hometown, which had become rich through trade and financial transactions, was given the nickname Fugger City. Numerous historical buildings of the city date back to that period, including the Fuggerkapelle in Augsburg's Annakirche, the Augsburger Fuggerhäuser and the Augsburger Fuggerei. One of the remarkable things about Augsburg is the fact that Augsburg has its own public holiday - as the only city in Germany. Only here is the Augsburg High Peace Festival celebrated every year, commemorating the end of the Thirty Years' War in 1648. The life in Augsburg is closely connected with the water, as evidenced by splendid fountains, the waterworks at Hochablass and the canals in the Lechviertel.

Travel with a rental car in Augsburg

Augsburg is the birthplace of numerous important personalities whose work reaches far beyond the city and the borders of Bavaria. Among them are the two painters, Hans Holbein the Elder and his son Hans Holbein the Younger. While Hans Holbein's older works represent the transition from late Gothic to Renaissance, the son is considered one of the most important representatives of the Renaissance. The name Mozart is world famous. Less well known, however, is the fact that the father of the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leopold Mozart, was born in Augsburg and later stayed in Salzburg for study purposes, where he spent the rest of his life. Bertolt Brecht is another son of the city of Augsburg, who later lived and worked in another city. He lived and worked in Berlin for many years. For this reason, his important estate is also housed in the Archive of the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. In Augsburg, the poet's birthplace, the Brechthaus, is a museum and memorial to him.

Rental car Augsburg: Street infrastructure and good offers

Augsburg is very easy to reach by bus and train, in the city the visitor can travel cheaply and independently with a rental car. The city has an airport, Augsburg Airport (AGB), but it is mainly used by business travellers. The nearest international airport is Munich (MUC). To get to Augsburg from Munich, we recommend renting a car - many of the car rental stations in Augsburg are located directly at the airport. The best thing to do is to check the prices and offers in advance with the Car RentalCheck price comparison. This way you will receive all important information about prices, availability and rental conditions in advance and you can choose the car rental offer that suits you best. Depending on the desired pick-up station, simply enter your preference in the search mask and pick up the rental car conveniently.

Discover Augsburg by rental car - Drive to the historic City Hall

One of the most impressive secular buildings of the Renaissance in Bavaria awaits the visitor. Together with the Perlach Tower, the town hall is considered to be the city's landmark. It was built in the late Renaissance style from 1615 to 1620, and its interior was completed in 1624. The building reflects the city's importance as a financial and commercial centre. It is an expression of the pride and self-confidence of one of the most important cities at that time, not only in Bavaria, but in the entire sphere of influence of trade relations. In addition to the imposing façade with its richly painted imperial eagle on the front, the golden hall and the princely rooms, which are now available for weddings, are also worth seeing. The Augsburg City Council is still meeting today in the Upper Fletz. Visitors of the town hall can comfortably drive to the historic building by rental car, there are several possibilities nearby where the car can be parked at a reasonable price.

Rent a car and explore the world's oldest social housing estate

Jakob Fugger, the rich merchant, founded a settlement - the Fuggerei - for innocently impoverished citizens and thus laid the foundation for the oldest social housing estate in the world, where these people could live cheaply. The settlement still exists today and can be visited. It is also called the "city in the city", because a city wall with three gates encloses the complex of 67 houses with 140 apartments and a church. Three rooms of the last original house have been converted into a museum, where visitors can retrace the life of the Fuggerei in the past centuries. There is also interesting information about the Fugger family. Fuggerei still serves social housing purposes today, and the annual rent is incredibly cheap.

Discover Augsburg's art and culture with a rental car

In addition to the famous Augsburg doll's box, the city also has other cultural discoveries and excursions to offer. Very interesting is the Schaezlerpalais, which houses state and municipal art collections. The history of the rococo style building is remarkable. As early as in the Middle Ages, there was a building on this site, but it was only when an influential banker acquired the house that it received its present characteristic appearance and splendid interior design. The palace hosted a number of illustrious guests, such as Marie Antoinette, who later became queen of France, and the palace hosted magnificent balls and receptions. One of the city's most important museums is the Maximilian Museum on Fuggerplatz, which houses the departments of sculpture, urban history and handicrafts. Numerous other museums and galleries enrich the cultural landscape of the city. Important cultural events include the events in honour of the city's famous sons, the Brechtfestival and the concerts and lectures of the Mozart Community Augsburg. The International Film Days attract visitors every year, as do the Media Art Festival and numerous other events.

A touristic highlight: The Perlach Tower

The Perlach Tower is 70 metres high. The landmark of the city of Augsburg is a popular destination for excursions and is one of the highest buildings in Augsburg. Climbing the 261 steps to the upper platform will reward you with a breathtaking panorama. The tower was originally built in 989 and was initially built as a watchtower, but it has been constantly raised over the centuries. In the course of the construction of the town hall, the Perlach Tower got its present appearance. Legends entwine around the origin of the name, but there is no definitive evidence of them. The Perlach Tower is also very easy to reach by rental car and offers the opportunity to park your car in a convenient location nearby.

Cheap car hire in Augsburg: explore the city by car

Although the public transport system is also very well developed, the rental car is a good option for your stay in Augsburg. Visitors are independent and flexible with their car, they can choose their own tours and design them according to their wishes and ideas, without having to consider timetables. This applies not only to Augsburg, but also to all cities in Bavaria in general. Especially since the offers are wide and city travellers can get a rental car quite cheaply. Savings foxes calculate very accurately, by the way. In the rental car, several people can participate in the city tour. For the family, for couples or a small group of friends travelling together, the rental car is therefore cheaper than individual tickets on public transport - especially if you are travelling for several days. After all, a visit to Augsburg is an ideal way to visit other destinations in Bavaria. There are several cheap car hire companies in Augsburg, with whom we collaborate. Just book on our website a cheap rental car for your trip. 

Driving trough Bavaria

Those who have set up their holiday home in Augsburg should take the opportunity to have a look around in the surrounding area. By car, destinations such as the city of Munich, which is well worth seeing, or the picturesque lakes such as Lake Starnberg can be reached quickly and easily. The world-famous royal castles near Füssen are also a popular destination for excursions. Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau, Linderhof - a visit to these castles is a must during a visit to Bavaria. But from Augsburg it is also not far by car to the picturesque Black Forest, which attracts visitors with its unique sights and natural beauties.

Car rental Augsburg: Rent and return

When returning your rental car at the local car rental office, simply follow the contractual rules laid down in the rental conditions. No matter whether you want to hand in your rental car at one of the stations in and around Augsburg or at Munich Airport, make sure that you adhere to the drop-off point, return time, return date and return station - as listed in your individual offer.

Simply start the Car Rental Check price comparison by yourself and convince yourself of our special offers. With your rental car you are flexible and independent of public transport. So you can discover Augsburg and its surroundings and its many highlights on your own. And if you are unable to make a short-term booking - no problem - in this case you will benefit from a free cancellation up to 24 hours before the rental date.

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