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Minivan we recommend the following car rental offers

from 111 $ per day

A little more space and comfort can't hurt!

e.g. Ford Transit Minivan
9 Days from 12.02 - 21.02.2023
Example vehicle
from 58 $ per day
All-round carefree package

This way nothing can go wrong - carefree and all inclusive!

Compact Minivan
e.g. Renault Kangoo Minivan
9 Days from 12.02 - 21.02.2023
Example vehicle

Frequently asked questions about car rental booking Minivan

What does a rental car cost Minivan? ⌃
A rental car Minivan costs on the average 57.47 $ per day.
What does a rental car Minivan cost per week? ⌃
A rental car Minivan costs on average 402.30 $ per week 57.47 $ per day).
Which rental car provider is the cheapest Minivan? ⌃
Sunny Cars is Minivan the cheapest. A rental costs 229.89 $ for 4 days.
Can you Minivan rent a car without a deposit? ⌃
No, unfortunately you can't Minivan rent a car without a deposit at the moment.
Can you Minivan rent a car without a credit card? ⌃
No, unfortunately you can't Minivan rent a car without a credit card at the moment.
How much does it cost to cancel a rental car Minivan? ⌃
Up to 24 hours before the rental, cancellation during the opening hours of Driveboo does not cost anything.

Rent a Minivan - endless storage space and comfort

If you need more storage space for a trip or a move, you can simply rent a minivan. The practical small cars make optimum use of the interior space in terms of floor space. Because the body and roof are higher than other vehicle types, you have more headroom and can see beyond the other road users. In addition, this type of rental car offers you the loading comfort of a small van. So you can easily stow ski equipment, sledges and prams and still have lots of fun on the way to the winter paradise.

The Minivan, the space miracle for your next vacation

On the Internet there are many offers for different car rentals. But not every vehicle is suitable for everyone. If a car is to be rented for the next holiday at the holiday destination, then it should be carefully considered beforehand for which purpose it is needed. Rental cars also include minivans that offer plenty of space for passengers and luggage. A minivan for the trip is therefore always a good option when a whole family, several friends or a small club are travelling together and sports equipment, musical instruments or a lot of toys are to be taken along.

What is a minivan?

The minivan can be booked between five and nine seats. In addition, such a rental car can take a lot of luggage, which is also an advantage when the car is provided at the airport. This means that all passengers, suitcases and other things such as a surfboard can be stored in the car. You are quickly and comfortably away from the airport in the booked accommodation, long distances to public transport and the long towing of your suitcases and other things you bring along are no longer necessary.

Rent a Minivan for the next family vacation

If you are looking for a rental car at the holiday destination, you should look for a minivan when travelling as a family with your partner and children. From two children upwards, even the largest limousine becomes uncomfortable for a longer journey or even directly at the holiday destination. The little ones want to take a lot of things with them on a beach holiday. Inflatable mattresses fit into the minivan as well as a surfboard, the beach shell and much more. Due to the rear sliding doors, boarding is also particularly comfortable. But even a family with two children who want to go on holiday from home by car does not have enough space in their own family car for all the luggage that is needed in a rented holiday home, for example. Even in such a case, so that the long journey to the holiday destination does not become a permanent stress, you should use the larger minivan as a rental car and book it over the holidays. This way you can reach your destination even with the smallest children and lots of luggage.

Minivan - The solution for your next holiday

Maybe the next sports holiday with friends is coming soon. In this case, in addition to the passengers and normal luggage, all the sports equipment must be accommodated in the car. This can be, for example, diving equipment, a surfboard or golf equipment. Even in such cases, renting a minivan can solve all the problems. Whether you want to surf the coast of Portugal, go diving on a Canary Island or play golf in Great Britain, the Minivan can accommodate the largest luggage. A group of friends who drive off together from home also book a minivan as a rental car. This means that your own vehicles can stay at home, you don't have to travel in the convoy and you arrive relaxed and, above all, together at your holiday destination.

With the Minivan to the family celebration

Wedding, birthday party or silver wedding. There are many opportunities for big family celebrations. For those who want to go with their child and cone, grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle, to such a celebration weekend together with their family, a minivan as a rental car is a good solution. Not only do they accommodate up to nine passengers, but also the various gifts can be slightly larger.

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